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Make sure your target audience understands you!

Engaging with an audience that doesn’t speak your native language need not be fraught with difficulties. Whether you’re preparing a 100,000-word annual report for stakeholders, a concise review of a product release or a multi-language website, you need to be certain that the reader will understand the text as if it were written originally in English; with the correct syntax, tone, message and style that seamlessly reflects the original.

Why choose a qualified language services provider (LSP)?

If your text is important to you and your business, then it’s important to me. Furthermore, I’ll go that extra mile to deliver value-added to the end product. After all, I’m looking to create long-term relationships where trust and confidentiality go hand in hand.
I provide a comprehensive translation service, from initial client enquiry through to delivery of a thoroughly reviewed, polished and fit-for-purpose final text.

You’ll have no concerns about non-disclosure either. All necessary security measures as per the 2016 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are in place and all PCs are password-protected.

My clients -from private individuals to start-ups, SMEs right through to major blue-chip corporations- have a wide range of needs. Some have several documents to be translated every month, others have more occasional needs or simply a one-off. Whatever your requirements, drop me a line or give me a call and I’ll be delighted to furnish you with a no-obligation quote and a firm turnaround time (see contact details).

Languages Offered

As a native Londoner, I have been providing translations from Spanish to English for over 20 years. I also outsource work to a small pool of native speakers of other languages who consistently provide me with translations I would be proud to call my own. I am therefore in a position to offer translations to and from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Catalán.

Simply deliver all the files to me and I’ll take care of everything. Your peace of mind assured.


Legal Translations


I specialise in contracts, deeds, terms & conditions, powers of attorney, certificates, lease agreements, lawsuits, decrees, government directives, property conveyance, laws, data protection, NDAs, notary documents and the like.

Business Translations


I can offer translations of documents concerning human resources, codes of ethics, codes of conduct, market research, overseas development, SLAs, bids, insurance, telecoms, projects, SAP, CRM, and similar areas.

Financial Translations

Financial and Banking

My areas of expertise mean I can furnish you with ready-to-print translations of financial statements, directors’ reports, M&A, spin-offs, banking regulations, anti-money laundering, know-your-customer (KYC), public offerings, and mandatory disclosures to securities exchanges like the Spanish CNMV.

Website Translations


As well as translating website content, I can ensure that your personal data protection policy is up-to-date with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), along with your disclaimers and cookies policy. Contact me for a no-obligation quote.

Health, Safety and the Environment Translations

Health, Safety and the Environment

I handle the translation of internal documents that deal with occupational health & safety, OH&S standards and regulations, corporate responsibility reports, sustainable development goals (SDG), United Nations global compact, Global Reporting Initiative and much more.

Why You Should Use Me

Can't I just use a machine translation?

Let’s be honest. The answer is ‘Yes, you can’, but with several caveats:

  • I quite often get emails from potential foreign clients in languages I don’t speak. A machine translation of the email normally gives me the ‘gist’ of what they want and I can reply to their enquiry. So I’m certainly not dismissive of it. It’s there to be embraced but not to replace qualified human translators that can pick up nuances in the source text that go far beyond the static black-and-white algorithms used in technology.

  • Buyer beware! The output from machine translation often leaves a lot to be desired. See here.

  • Why take the risk? Any machine translated text would -or at least should- require post-editing by a native translator/proofreader anyway, so any potential monetary savings would end up being minimal. Save yourself the potential embarrassment and get it right first time.

  • If you opt for machine translations to address your stakeholders and target audiences, ask yourself whether your competitors are doing the same, or whether they’re stealing a march on you by using tried and trusted professionals to deliver a top-notch product.

  • If you get any complaints from your clients or potential clients about your machine-translated text, there’s no accountability and you’ll only have yourself to blame. This is not the case with a professionally translated text.


As every project is different, so too is the cost. But as a general rule, translation is charged per word (in the source text).
Pricing will depend on several factors:
  • Complexity
    Does the text require specialist knowledge of the subject matter and specific terminology? 
  • Format
    Is the text provided as a Word document, PowerPoint or Excel file or is it in a non-editable format, i.e. images, scans, PDF, etc? 
  • Urgency
    Is the translation required the same day? Does it require out-of-hours or week-end work?



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